New Macro System Question

Does anyone have some examples using the new macro system. I am trying to set up a maco to cast Ward Evil but the targeting fails. I target a location on the ground and it fails, target myself and is fails.


  • kleptomkleptom US
    edited December 2019
    I use it a lot. For your specific issue. Make sure you putting the spell in the first slot then drag over the "Target Self" icon from the right macro window. Then save and try that.

    Here are some samples I use:

    Bandage self. Bandage + target self (Drag bandages from backpack to first macro slot then target self icon)
    Cast Cure/Heal self. Spell + target self (Drag spell from 1-0 hotkey or from spell book to first macro slot, then target self
    Cast Attack Spell. Spell + target current (Drag spell from 1-0 hotkey or spell book to first macro slot then target current for second slot)

    For my Rogue who has slashing and Piercing and uses open Stab from stealth with Saber then switches to Dagger. I use a macro to switch weapons and choose the secondary skill. This way I backstab from stealth and one key switches to my dagger and selects Mortal Strike. For this macro I put the dagger in one of the F1-0 slots on the right hand of screen. Drag it into the first macro slot. Then choose weapon primary or secondary for second macro slot. Save and your off to the races. I have my Saber on a regular hotkey so I can switch to it using F2 before entering Stealth again.
  • Bill The CatBill The Cat United States
    thanks I will try it
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