Inventory Item Filter

It would great to only see items in the inventory text list that matched a string or parameter.

For example, every type of ore begins with a different word, but filtering by [space]+'ore' would only show the ore, making it easier to grab everything at once.

It would also be great to save filters as presets to reduce redundant typing.

It would additionally be great to make this possible through the console, a hotbar macro, and/or clickable preset within the inventory itself.

It would ultimately be great if a macro could select predetermined items (ie: regs looted from mobs) for quick drop and resupply, but that's getting into a different suggestion.

In closing--the Inventory Item Filter--it would be great!

PS: if/while you're in the inventory settings, please check the lower bounds of the text inventory's scroll. Currently this scrolls down so far that the mouse wheel is unable to scroll up (I believe this is a known issue).


  • MisterGizmoMisterGizmo UnitedStates
    They use to have a filter system built in to the UI of the backpack and containers. I hope this comes back when they get it working correctly.
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