First look at Point Release 8!

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Hey Adventurers
Here's your first look at Point Release 8! This blog details Martial Abilities, Craft Orders, the Macro System, and Runebooks! Part 2 of our look at Point Release 8 will be coming a bit later. Until then, enjoy!


  • Woohoo! Runebooks!
  • PetrPetr Czech Republic
    It's funny how x years was runebooks declined and argued that it will ruin the game experience and now ... whoala without any deeper statement why they change mind. But I have to say that I'm happy with runebook.
  • Runebooks, Makros, Martial Abilities and a hint for new PvE Content...sounds good.

    While i like the idea of Martial abilities, you could add some more (64 or so) Mage spells too...
    i wonder if we ever will be able to summon Demons, Walls, or some food, cast some kind of magical light
    and open Doors with magical spells.
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