Fishing skill is now 53 and i have not fished up a SINGLE treasure map, are they that damn rare or do they not drop from schools of fish? wth?


  • Rare, you just was unlucky.
    I don't think you can get maps out of schools, or at last i never got ony.
    But even when there are no fish nearby, you can get a map.
  • Ewok_CSEwok_CS Celador Administrator
    edited September 2019
    Schools of fish effectively give you a bonus to your fishing. So fishing up one of them mean you act as if you have a higher skill. It doesn't make getting maps any easier but it can increase the level of map you can potentially get.
  • Dunno, I have gotten 2 toons to 80 fishing and havent gotten a map from a school of fish yet. Only open fishing. Drop rates are still garbage though
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