pack horse

please explain me how to create pack horse. I bought horse at stables, i have packed saddle. When i click to unpack saddle on horse statue from my backpack it says i cannot do that. When horse is mounted the same. I have no clue how to do that. Help will be appreciated


  • You have to tame a horse or buy a tamed one from a player in order to make a pack horse.
  • Ewok_CSEwok_CS Celador Administrator
    Hi, you need a horse that has not had a saddle added and then use the other item called a saddle bag
  • Hi,

    I have tamed a few horses, purchased saddlebags, and then dbl-clicked the bags and added them to the tamed horse. As soon as I add the bags, the horse turns into a statue and is back in my backpack. I can't seem to summon the horse again without it becoming my mount. Any suggestions?

  • It sounds like you added a saddle not a saddle bag to the horse.

    When you add a saddle to a tamed horse it vanishes and turns into a statue in your backpack.

    When you add a saddle bag to a tamed horse it becomes a pack horse.

    Saddles and saddlebags are two different items.
  • Lord Hawkwind,

    Thank you. That sounds dead on.
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