How Much is Customary for Tipping a Bard?

What is the expected or typical tip for a bard's services? I don't want to be rude.


  • I have no idea... been doing 50 gold when I don't need much vit, 100 if I am empty.
  • MorphMorph Denmark
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    Hehe, great question.

    Being a bard on Crimson Sea (EU server) I can tell you the customary is nothing, never ever got a tip - and I've been in Inns playing tunes for atleast 10 hours during prime time where the Inn is full.
  • Looks like 100g is par for the course. I bought a 2nd account just to make a Bard and leave it in the INN. I refuse to have to go to a different city just to regen my Vitality because someone told me I had to be social able in a MMO. If I want to be friendly and speak to other players I will, it isn't something you can force me to do by creating mechanics that you think will force interaction. Piss poor design requiring a bard to do it.. Even more so.. If I am a GM bard, there is no way I should have to seek out another bard to raise my own Vit..
  • The nerve to think that you might have to interact with other players in an MMO!
  • The nerve to think that you might have to interact with other players in an MMO!

    That's not the point, I interact a lot, especially with my guild and friends.. I also interact a lot when im camping a room and a bunch off assholes train down gazers onto your mounts without a word... sorry, kiss my ass or nothing.. cant say I really care for people honestly but that is my decision to make not yours.. so again to attempt to force me to socialize wont work. Funny part about the above situation had the asshats had asked for them I would have given them the 7 skulls I had.. was on there farming coin to purchase a guild where was the communication? Move on Lord Hawkwind.. nothing else to see here.
  • Perhaps you should look into playing single player games then? Just a thought.
  • and maybe people should mind there own...lots of different playstyles, and I agree with Mordakai forcing me to stop hunting to be social...I am social with real people in the real world. Here I come for adventure, not porch sitting chatter. Yes I remember people in UO who just sat in their houses and talked. To each their own, you play your way nicely and I play my way nicely....that really isn't very hard.
  • WhoopsiesWhoopsies United States
    Well after all that... it depends on the customer, I've gotten 0 and I've gotten 2k. It's nice to get something though.
  • i usually tip 500
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