A Grand Tour of Current Houses in Legends of Aria - Cost, Size, Floorplans, Storage and Materials

We take a grand tour of all current house models in the game including the brand new crafting order models. All possible information needed on the houses is provided in the video: Names, prices, locations where you can buy them, what the model looks like in the shop, floorplans, size, lockdowns, secures and materials needed.

Back when I was new and buying my first house, I found it highly frustrating that there was no easy way to see what they looked like from inside, so I hope this video is helpful for those of you now in the same situation!

The footage of the empty houses was taken on the Legends of Ultima community server where they have set up all the houses from a portal in Valus. Thanks to them, I was able to make this video!

The decorated houses are the ones I own on Crimson Sea and Aria Europe PvE server.

A special thanks goes out to Ewok for making sure the Wiki was up to date when I was gathering the details!


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