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UnholyUnholy Brazil
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So, i was thinking that it would be a lot more easy to have 1 character with all crafting skills (if you want all) and never leaves the house, and 1 character with 3 gathering skills, because you can use the other 300 skill points to be more durable outside.

So i was thinking about 100 fishing, 100 mining, 100 lumberjack.
What do you guys think i should do with the other 300 points ? Slashing vigor and healing ? maybe getting more skills, but not GM them.

What about stats ?

I thank in advance and apologize for my poor english.


  • PetrPetr Czech Republic
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    I recomend you only 2 gathering skills and outside of it be full mage. You will be able to kill almost evrything and you will be able to fast travel by gates from your runes. I haaave Luber miner like this and its prety nasty :smile:
  • This is my first character. Too hard to start with a full mage :/
  • This is what I've done and it's not ideal - at least with one account.
    You have to transfer your materials to your crafter and, unless you have a house or a trusty friend, you'll be trying to hide 100s of wood and ore in crates around town. Eventually, someone will spot what you're doing and steal it.
    Plus, now we have bulk orders, storing materials in your house is going to add more trouble unless you can get a portal opened for you.
    My collector is 4x melee with mining & lumberjack (created when top ores and wood were in PK zone).
  • HoneyBadgerHoneyBadger United Kingdom
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    6x crafter aka the house mouse

    2x gatherer with combat skills (brawler) - same as above poster gameplay was different when created

    Fisher/treasure hunter w/ lockpicking (archer)

    This was pre update (martial prowess and professions) though obviously now the dilemma is in the case of the third char you can't take abilities on it without moving one of the skills to another char - would probably be treasure hunting as it doesn't depend on lock picking like fishing does.

    So that leaves you with a spare char slot (2 if subbing premium)
    You could go say, a mage with the treasure hunting on it for example

    Thats a pretty good use of the char slots though in reality most ppl have more than 1 account (seperate one for fighters etc) anyhow. I've seen players with accounts in the double figures.

    Pre update I'd counsel players to try warriors to begin with just because their low upkeep (you can gear them off the NPC's in town) but honestly even low end crafted gear is very affordable now as well.

    Mages are a bit bumpy to begin with if you don't have some coin put aside to feed it reagents and particularly if you go the route of magical attunement aren't as survivable as melee (because you would likely be sacrificing some bandage healing)
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