Here is a Bard Teaser to keep you going!

Ewok_CSEwok_CS Celador Administrator
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Yesterday we detailed Bards - which will be coming to Legends of Aria on August 6th with our Steam launch. Here's a look at all the icons associated with Bards. Let's hear your best guesses on what they are!



  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    I have no clue about the white one :astonished:
  • FiFi the Wiccan
    edited July 2019
    Let's see...

    • Second icon is Song of Thew (Feature Spotlight spoiled it).
    • Third icon is Song of Waters (Feature Spotlight spoiled it).
    • Fourth icon may be the song that restores stamina over time.
    • Fifth icon is just as confusing to me as the icon appears, but I'm guessing that it is a song... or riddle that causes confusion.
    • Sixth icon looks like a song that restores the vitality of friendly targets’ within inns and taverns.
    • Seventh icon may be the riddle that reduces enemies' resistance to CC.
    • Eighth icon may be Riddle of Force.
    • Eleventh icon may be a riddle that pacifies or lulls enemies to sleep.
    • Twelfth icon may be Riddle of Havoc.

    AND LASTLY... the ninth icon must be the Song of Soothing White Noise! These teasers are definitely keeping me going by the way. ❦

    (E: I have no idea what the first and tenth icons are, but I'm guessing that the first icon is the basic "Play Music" or "Entertain" spellsong.)
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