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Smelting iron

double click forge nothing. double click ore nothing.


  • ValianceValiance United Kingdom
    left click the anvil once.
  • MichelliaMichellia Ottawa, Ontario
    ya, finally got it, should have been the forge to actually click on the smelt. makes more sense.
  • TmarzonieTmarzonie United States
    I totally agree. I sat there for 10 minutes trying to get the forge to take it, just because I didn't want to accept that it was useless.
    Hopefully this is temporary, and they make the forge work for smelting soon. It's pretty silly.
  • I suspect that will be something that changes with release.
  • I hope so, but a nice to have though
  • brcichbrcich Argentina
    Hi, I left once Anvil or Gorge but dont do nothing, also I like to speak with a NPC either I cant, what do I have to do?
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