Mailbox Fell into ocean and took my Stone Villa house with it (/FixedHappy Ending).

JuicyJuicy USA
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  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    The new tsunami script is doing its job!
  • did you not want to have the unique luxery underwater view home? one of a kind!
  • JuicyJuicy USA
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  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    be sure to write them email
  • UPDATE 2.14.19: I apologize for the mixed feelings and un-constructive things I expressed in this chain. I regret many of the immature things I said and have deleted my emotionally-charged toxic statements directed at Citadel and others.

    I was frustrated, and I truly felt like my cat got ran over and was angry. I absolutely love the world in LOA that Citadel has created and allowed me to immerse myself in but I had put in a ton of time and was hurt.

    Even knowing what I had negatively said about them (Citadel), they still went back a second-time and looked at my situation and "made it right!"

    They could have easily have just blew me off due to my ranting but they didn't. They were the cooler-headed party in this situation and I thank them for doing so.

    Thank you Citadel!

    Yours Truly,

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