Stealth trainer

I honestly do not recall if this was something recently changed, something changed ages ago or something I just glossed over, but Wallace does not offer the first 30% of stealth for 3s (though the wiki suggests otherwise)

Anyone figure this out? Or is this another lancing thing where the NPC no longer does it

Thought I'd post it here because I'd imagine others will be looking for trainers like this soon



  • Try the rogue west of Pyros bank?
  • HoneyBadgerHoneyBadger United Kingdom
    edited January 2019
    Tried Wallace in Eldeir, Pyros and Black Forest, its the same NPC.

    None of them offer Stealth, only hiding lockpicking light and piercing.


    Ok, so after taking a call I popped back on and tried using the black forest trainer again before moving on, and this time it had stealth with 3 of the 4 previously listed skills it was offering.

    So if you refresh the npc you'll randomly get different ones.. ?

    Either way, sorted that.

  • Not that i know off. Maybe stealth is offered by someone else than a rogue or it's bugged. Glad you found a solution.
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