Greetings, adventurers!

We’ll be bringing the servers down at 10am Eastern tomorrow, Thursday September 19th, for up to four hours to bring our Premium Subscription and In-Game Store online.

The New Dude

Israel_CSIsrael_CS Citadel Team Administrator
Greetings Adventurers!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Israel and I am stepping into a couple of roles here at Citadel as we get ready for open access and beyond!

First of all, I will be trying to wedge my flintstone-like feet into the elegant slippers Sanya left here under the Community desk. When we get closer to the big day, we will be expanding our Community staff and more than likely, those fancy slippers will be passed again. But for now, please allow me to guide you through the final weeks of beta testing and present a host of wonderful things for you to chew on.

Additionally, I will be building the Customer Support department from the ground up. I cut my teeth in the game industry working as a senior GM for Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online with Mythic Entertainment. Yes, I probably put you in jail if you played UO and you broke the rules. No, I will not tell you my GM name. At least not until we get to know each other better...

Last but not least, I will also be helming the QA staff as we collect all the feedback from you awesome people, as well as everything we discover in-house and wade through the tiny bit of detritus created by building a fantastical world from 1’s and 0’s.

In short, my face is for Community, my heart is for CS… but my ass is for QA.

I look forward to meeting all of you!! Here's to new beginnings!!




  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    Welcome Israel! Great to see new faces in the team.
    Make yourself comfortable :smile:
  • Hail and well met!
  • Hello! Welcome aboard!
  • Israel_CSIsrael_CS Citadel Team Administrator
    Thanks y'all!
  • edited August 26
  • YorlikYorlik
    Welcome to the madness ! You just sold your soul ;)
  • ChojinChojin
    Welcome onboard :smiley:
  • DhananDhanan Toronto, Ontario
    Welcome and good luck!
    Unless you are a Pterosaur, then good luck to the community.

  • Israel_CSIsrael_CS Citadel Team Administrator
    Thanks all!

    Loving the counselor index btw! I need to dig up my EA UO GM handbook and shake off the dust!
  • Israel_CSIsrael_CS Citadel Team Administrator
    BTW here is a snippet from Discord the team asked me to share again in the forums (responding to questions about Loyalty Points, contests, QA bug reporting, etc.):

    "...One thing I will put up front is that we are trying a new approach this time, in that we want to put QA/CS/CM under a bigger umbrella with one person (myself for now) holding the handle so that we can better orchestrate the collection and distribution of information back to you guys.

    Now this process is going to get a little tricky before its gets streamlined and is felt by the community at large. At the end of the day, I am only one person doing the job of three. One amazingly bearded person, but one person none-the-less. And while I want to get everything squared away... there is a fair amount of stuff to square away. Lots of it will get chipped away due to personel or iteration limitations. Some of it will get blasted through in large chunks. Some will find the shadows of obscurity and never surface again. But I can definitely confirm that the team is listening, even when not responding or openily sharing information (or able for that matter).

    Right now we are taking steps to catch up and collect the things that slipped thru the cracks while simultaeneously keeping up with the current development needs. I am also setting up QA and Cust Support while working with you all, so again, one person... one beard, lots of organizing.

    I will do my best to stay abreast of communications as long as you wonderful lords and ladies understand that we are flipping the script a bit on how we want the CS/QA/CM infrastructure built, so it will be rough (again) before its shiny :smiley: "

    Totally off the cuff and unedited so pardon any grammar or syntax errors!
  • Great! Thanks for the updates.
  • Awesome update. Thank you!
  • Israel_CSIsrael_CS Citadel Team Administrator
    My pleasure!
  • TihraLahnTihraLahn
  • PetrPetr Czech Republic
    Seems fine to me "crossed fingers" :wink:
  • Welcome! Glad to see more old UO staffers! /happyface
  • ISVRaDaISVRaDa Comunidad FURIA []
    Bienvenido / Welcome Israel!
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