More forums?

Are there any plans to add other forum boards? I would guess that many interested players are passive in the forum because there are no native english speakers. Non-english boards would help to form the community. I would also wish server-specific boards to discuss ingame stuff like trading, guild searches and so on.


  • Of course some additional boards mean more work and potentially costs but it is an investment to reach more players.

    To quote the current news on the LoA homepage:
    "Another thing we need is a population, a critical mass of players to make the world feel alive. The number of players who are simply waiting for the wipe (and the Steam release) is staggering! We need to prevent burnout, to focus on the issues that affect everyone, and to make sure everyone is recharged and ready for a fresh start."

    Language-specific boards will attract more players, it will help to form new guilds, it gives those players that don't feel comfortable with english a tool to exchange experiences and to prepare for the release. So i think this would be a good way.

    Nonetheless we need a board for ingame related things on the official server.
  • SanyaSanya Inside your computer Administrator
    I don't mind you guys creating threads for people who speak a language other than English, in order to find each other - because I'm an army of one, though, I'll occasionally spot check it using Google Translate, and lock it without remorse if it isn't going well.

    But Swag is correct, for a full forum, I need a full moderator, and if we have resources to hire more people, it's going to be either a coder or a content design lead that we hire :)
  • Thank you for taking the time to answer. I understand that you have to prioritize ressources. Do you agree that more forums would be beneficial? Could you please consider it for the future?
  • SanyaSanya Inside your computer Administrator
    Oh, sure, in a perfect world, I'd have an international modding staff. Our game reaches an international audience, and me muddling through with Google Translate is hardly ideal.

    I would *love* to do it, I'm just saying it's impossible right now and there are lots of things in line ahead of it, in terms of money.
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