What original UO Shard are you from?



  • RigormorticRigormortic Huntsville Alabama
    Loki said:

    97-04 great lakes/Atlantic Alot of people where happy when I quit playing. thieves life for life :).

    lol i was one of them
  • iSeven07iSeven07 Indiana, USA
    Played Great Lakes/Chesapeake. Played UO since about 2002/2003. Was pretty steady until about 2007/2008. Played on private servers for awhile too. I really enjoyed Test Center on UO... It was so much fun playing factions.
  • DamienBlackDamienBlack Nederland
    edited August 2018
    Nvm cant read
  • Played on Europa up until AoS, tried it for maybe 1,5-2 months with my brother before we both left off.

    Few years later after trying 1 or 2 Freeshards (Can't recall the names, we were only on them for a few weeks) we found Defiance UO which we more or less played until the PvP-scene died.

    Played under the names Roffel, Roffel II, Kewt and Bunk.

    B@D Boys For Life :)
  • ryan91ryan91 United States
    Atlantic in 1999 UO:R, Still playing Ultima online Atlantic this present day!!!
    Played Hybird for years, until shut down
  • ryan91ryan91 United States
    Also ran my own private server, Pure Pwnage from 2008-2010
  • chesapeak brit gy resident, best server wars ever. played in 1998 quit after they destroyed resist with eval intel whenever that was.
  • Just hope they bring back the server wars feel even is they just make it an event I know many players including myself who just loged in for that.
  • NefariousNefarious Community Server Admin and Subreddit Mod
    97-2003 Atlantic. One character was a rich friendly bank sitter, that people loved. Another character was a horrible Perma-Red that tons of people hated. I’d even killed people who were friends with my blue main. Man if people had figured out I was the same person lol.
  • edited October 2018
    Pacific. UO was my second home from 1998 to 2004.

  • Lukey GLukey G USA
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    Sonoma & Great Lakes Mainly for the PvP Aspect and Definitely miss the days of the Test Server battles!
  • SetimuSetimu Indiana, USA
    Can't remember... I was a child, way too young for UO. 9 or 10 probably, at the time.

    Looking forward to playing Aria with you all immensely. Just picked up my founder's pack. :)
  • DarkDonkey - Siege P

    See u ingame!
  • KiastaKiasta Spring, TX
    edited November 2018
    I was a poor kid and got too addicted to fun servers to revert back to OSI. I'm currently playing on a free shard called Outlands UO and it's been difficult getting used to the slow progress, but I'm actually liking it. They've spent 5 years in development to make a complete overhaul of Ultima. Regardless of the legalities or opinion on free shards, it's actually quite impressive what they've done. Can't wait for the release of this game, however, I know it will definitely be my home! :D
  • Chesapeake ‘97 to age of shadows. Little Pax, myth and Silvervale. CoV, KEF guilds.

    Loved that game.
  • ArmandArmand United States
    edited November 2018
    Great Lakes/Lake Superior from 1997-2001 mostly
    Main was Avalon Belstine. I was in the RP guild Sisterhood of the Ivory Maiden (SIM) and we were allied with Rivendell Society of Paladins (RSP). We created our own storylines and played them out with the help of Seers on the server. We also handed out what we called Ivory Cross packages at spawn points to new players. I later played on the player servers UODefiance and recently played on UO Forever.
  • StevroStevro Perth, Australia
    edited November 2018
    Baja then Siege early on, then

    Oceania once we got a server Downunder

    Guild (CWK)- Cling Wrap Killers


    Long Live Stevro the archer King lol
    Chesapeake, then Siege.
  • I played on Chesapeake from the opening of UO back in 97 to the end of 99.
  • 97-00
    Pacific as Kitsune

    Napa Valley as Tom, guild master of ToB, Thieves of Britain we had 200+ members all thieves and we had fun doing all sorts of shenanigans.

    Made a character on Lake Superior to see Magical Bubba and Xavori once.
  • norlomnorlom United States
    I played on Lake Superior. Norlom and Tyrlin were my character names then... Was in the Guild SoL with Sir Heaven and Tinkerman and Organic and Bird among others.
  • Chesapeake 1997-2005ish

    If you also played on Chesapeake I apologize for killing you (possibly in a repetitive manner) and hope that we can be friends now :D

    Catch me on Azure Sky(When servers come up!) :D
  • Catskills/Great lakes bb
  • WyndalWyndal Behind You!
    Atlanta 97 and on... #1 Shard! :)
    And Siege Perilous.
  • HoneyBadgerHoneyBadger United Kingdom
    Europa initially.
    Early to mid 00's sphere (mpz/burstfire)
  • Europa :)
  • SirbossSirboss Dallas Area
    Cheesy, GL, Atlantic. I was killer the tamer on all severs. I released a ton of dragons in fel bank, everyone died it was fun to watch. account got banned, sometime after we could only have 5 pets?
  • Lake Superior 99-2002. I was Sir Mcloney and then various characters named Greem _____ fill in the blank along with several of my IRL friends that were also Greem _____ something (Mako, Bean, etc.) and I also had a character named Brain (and my friend PiNkY) Hung our around Vesper primarily. Did a lot of stealing and dungeon lurking.

  • GullumGullum Yukon, Canada
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    I played on Sonoma and Pacific.



  • Europa 98-02
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