3rd Day of Dashboard bug

Never expected this dashboard bug fix to take this long, was kinda planning on being able to play on the weekend you know... I get you guys get alot of mails but then why not have seperate mail accounts for tech/contact?

Anyone else had to wait 3days for this dashboard bug to get solved?


  • Small update: Got mail from citadel just now that the issue will be looked at on monday. Props for taking time and responding to my mail on a sunday! Didn't expect that

    Hope this dashboard bug can be fixed so you won't have to deal with this BS
  • Just went on a whim to check at my dashboard an lo and behold now it seems to be all fixed!
    Big thanks to all involved in fixing this issue, again I never expected this to be dealt with during a sunday... So thank you
  • Glad to hear the issue got resolved for you!
  • BubhakBubhak Slovakia
    same problem, i already sent an email
  • Yeah me too.. i fell like dumb, no one answer.
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