Patch Notes, 4/3/2018

SanyaSanya Inside your computer Administrator
If you played on Experimental, thank you! There are a few additional notes here. Please read these carefully:

- Using color replacement instead of tinting to color items

Resources and Crafting
- Added new ores: Copper, Bronze, Steel & Obsidian
- Added new woods: Ash
- Attack, Defense and Durability bonuses are randomly generated, weighted on both your craft skill and the resource used:
Maximum Attack bonus from crafting skill: 30%
Maximum Defense bonus from crafting skill: 1
Maximum Durability bonus from crafting skill: 50
Maximum attack bonus from resource: 70%
Maximum Defense bonus of: 2
Maximum Durability bonus from resource: 200
- Leather & Cloth now return stacks of 3 and 5 respectively.

- Double-click will interact with any object in the world
- Click and drag off an NPC/monster to make a draggable health bar frame

- Character Creation
Can now select skin tone separate from face
Added facial hair for men
Added starting clothing / clothing color selection
Replaced profession selection with skill selection
Starting items are based on the 4 skills you choose
- Skill titles are now being awarded
- New treasure chest interiors
- Escape opens main menu when nothing is targeted
- Add Hotkey 'L' for toggle ability window

Sound and Music
Added missing weapon sound effects
Monsters/animals now play a sound effect when entering player range.
New Southern Hills music

World Changes
- Escorts spawn in town that ask you to take them to another town
- Hunters spawn in town asking you to help them kill different types of monsters
- Graveyard decorations improved
- Corruption dungeon decorations improved
- Buildings in Valus now isometric to require less camera rotation while navigating the city

- Some dynamic camps in the world spawn with treasure chests. The key to unlock the chest is randomly spawned on one of the camp inhabitants.
- Added guard spawns by outpost bank and hearth
- Added no housing region around teleport towers
- Added no housing regions in front of entrance to Waterfall Cave
- Creates no longer spawn all facing the same direction
- Neutral towns now say protected under the radar map
- Neutral guard range is lowered from 90 feet to 45
- Player corpses now face the direction the player was facing upon death
- Player corpses now match the skin tone/hair/facial hair of the player that died
- Items will retain their position in players backpacks from death to resurrection on a corpse resurrect
- Adjusted the destination of teleport towers to directly in front of the tower, preventing players/pets from becoming stuck.
- Summon Portal cast time set to 6 seconds, up from 2.25 seconds.

- Improved sparkle effect on corpses
- Lighting and post processing improvements (Bloom is back!)
- Removed fallen tree in Eldier village

- Rebalanced all monster spell damages, defense and attack.
- Rebalancing of all weapons and armors.
- Weapons have innate swing speeds.
- Attack bonus modifiers have replaced flat bonuses.
- Strength now offers up to 40% attack bonus.
- Vigor now offers upto 120% attack bonus.
- Accuracy and Evasion globally decreased.
- Hit chances have been decreased substantially when facing more difficult opponents.
- Reduced base stamina
- Adjusted spell damages.
- Channeling spell damage bonus has been increased.
- Magical staves have been temporarily removed. Pending balancing will be reintroduced to offer a small spell damage bonus.
- Removed ability global freeze.
- Many trained abilities no longer reset your swing timer.
- Canceling a trained ability no longer resets swing timer.
- Reduced bandage heal amount.
- You must stand on a hidden players to reveal them.
- Armor and weapons no longer have required skills.
- Agility no longer influences evasion and substantially influences swing speed.
- Light Armor Proficiency only provides a 20% critical hit bonus at GM.
- Heavy Armor Proficiency only provides 20% critical hit protection at GM.
- Cure no longer causes friendly pets to attack you.
- You can now salve others.
- Karma protect flag stops AoE from hurting group mates.
- You can no longer use prestige abilities without the required skills.
- Stasis effect no longer gets stuck.
- Fireball and ruin have had their circles switched.
- Ruin was replaced with Fireball for new player spellbooks.
- Utility spells can no longer be spell chambered.

- Beasts can no longer be tamed without GM Animal Taming.
- Prevented Dread from being dismissed to a statue.
- Prevented summoning a pet statue when a player cannot control the pet.
- Added distance check to dismissing a pet.
- Fixed issue with Pet statues breaking on server restarts, only applies to new statues.
- Players can now rename their pets.
- Pets no longer become stuck upon one another.
- Pets now teleport with players when using the /stuck command.
- Pets are now guard-whacked when committing negative actions within a guard zone.
- All mobiles are protected by insta-kill now, it no longer only applies to player vs player.
- All negative actions by pet owners cause the owner and all pets to suffer the consequences.
- All negative actions by a pet causes the pet's owner and all the owner's pets to suffer the consequences.
- Can no longer mount while hidden or cloaked.
- Max stabled pets increased to 15, up from 6.
- Pets no longer give rewards/sparkle to players on death.

Bug Fixes
- Client performance improvements.
- Animal/Monster AI is now much more responsive
- Guild tags are now unique.
- Visual tears in terrain have been sewn together.
- Improved many areas of static collision.
- Oceans and rivers now appear on the mini map.
- Silk now drops on spiders.
- You can no longer request a guard follow you.
- Bankers are now invulnerable.
- Fullscreen is now true windowless border mode.
- Guards now always see invisible players.
- Buried treasure chests now decay properly.
- Catacombs teleporter sends you back to graveyard.
- Catacombs skulls stack properly.
- Added karma to villager NPCs.
- Mounted players can no longer climb into beds.
- Corrected Pyros’ Landing teleportation tower.
- Pouches no longer disappear when dropped onto the character window.
- Recall spell can no longer be used to get player vendors guard whacked.
- Invulnerable NPCs will no longer attack others.
- Cloak spell now works correctly between server regions.
- Death’s ‘Deathwave’ ability does the correct amount of damage.
- You can now click to target whilst using click to move.
- You no longer become stuck when using click to move.
- Inventory UI buttons no longer disappear.
- Casting teleport now reveals you from being hidden.
- Items picked up and held on the cursor now drop on death.
- You can now drag items in the inventory list view.
- You now instantly log out at inns and your own house, unless you were recently engaged in a conflict.
- Volume of menu music decreased.
- Monster hit animations improved and corrected.
- Can no longer cast scrolls from your bank.
- Recall scroll now requires regent and blank scroll to craft.
- Player titles no longer get cleared when changing regions
- Added guild title to "Other" tab in title menu.
- Teleporter to the catacombs hub now decays.
- Added regional name tooltip after deciphering soaked maps.
- Improved skill tracking bar.
- Lowered the health of awakening dragon boss.
- Fixed poison spell incorrectly triggering guards.
- Fixed recall causing Karma loss sometimes on self cast.
- Fixed Karma protection flag highlight to match enabled/disabled state.



  • SanyaSanya Inside your computer Administrator
    - We plan to open the server at 9 PM EDT.
    - In general, I try to tell you how things have changed. In this patch, a lot of underlying systems were changed, as you'll see. Probably best to try it and see how it feels.
    - You'll see some things are retroactive, changing how existing items work, and other chances render the existing items unusable. We try to keep that at a minimum, but solving some of of the pet/mount related bugs left us with no choice.
    - You can see this is a bit beyond the scale of the "update" letter I wrote :) We hope you guys feel like we delivered something worth having.
  • JubbinJubbin Washington State
    Thanks ^^ can't wait to load in
  • Do I have to uninstall the old client before installing the new?
  • JubbinJubbin Washington State
    So far I can't load in. just boots me to the main menu when I hit connect :worried:
  • Same here.
  • SanyaSanya Inside your computer Administrator
    I'm asking, hang on.
  • SanyaSanya Inside your computer Administrator
    Look in the bottom right corner of the login screen - what version does it say? If it doesn't say "0.6.3" you've got the wrong client, and you need to download.

    I always uninstall old clients first, even if the company tells me I don't have to.

    Let me know?
  • JubbinJubbin Washington State
    Yup, I guess I'm 0.6.1 going to redownload now
  • JubbinJubbin Washington State
    Thanks Sanya ;)
  • Awesome, cant wait to get in and test it!
  • Redownloading
  • Yep that was it. Thanks!
  • John ChisumJohn Chisum Zombieland
    There is still coal in the game, but so far i have seen its not needed anymore to craft? And i miss some weapons, like the tier 5 twohanded axe in the crafting menue. But the old weapons are still in game. Will they be added to the crafting menu again or are they now *rares*?
  • JubbinJubbin Washington State
    a Salvage option to re smelt weapons or armor back to bars :) so far so good though on the new update. I'm looking for some obsidian ore :)
  • i love the crafting changes.
  • MorphMorph Denmark
    edited April 2018
    Things are shaping up for sure. Really great update guys n' girls :smiley:

    The patch I am looking most forward to is an overhaul of the housing system.

    I hope to see that a house is account wide, by placing one all chars on the account is given a key to their keyring and are added as “Co-Owner”

    I also hope to see, that we get secured chests based on the house size – so that we can open shops inside of our houses (make houses public) and change house sign to “shops” This would also help us decorators making great homes and show them to the public (feels shit to have a nice deco house no one can enter…)

    The lockdown has to increased, so we can make great homes – host decoration contest in the community.
    Most houses has a 1st floor and a some a 2nd – I hope that we get access to other floors, by a ladder or a stairway.

    I also hope you add more houses in a more medieval design, like towers, keeps and castles in UO – I sure miss my tower as I begin to decorate my home :)

    When you add a friend, you should get the option to also give him a key for his keyring.

    The housing space outside homes is FANTASTIC!

    I am from Denmark and due to time zones differences i always miss the dev streams. I have no idea if any of what I mention has been discussed or if you shed some light on the housing going forward. Can anyone clarify the plans before launch?
  • SinistradSinistrad United States
    "Removed staves"

    What? They couldn't just be tweaked or had their damage values normalized temporarily while balanced was figured out? REMOVED? I am stunned. My mage isn't just rebalanced or nerfed, he's gutted. Completely.

    I don't even have the Q ability to regenerate mana anymore. Am I going to get the staves I had back when they're re-added or am I going to need to go back out and farm gold for a few hours to replace the one taken from me? Also, why was my linen cloth taken away, too?

    Yeah, this is a closed beta but I am still baffled by why people felt THIS was the solution to some problem. A problem I've maybe not encountered since I have only been playing a few days? But I still can't believe that this was the only solution to whatever that problem is. I don't know what else to say.
  • FenrisFenris MoonGate: SVAROG [Slavic EU]
    edited April 2018
    @Sanya @Supreem
    Any info about new community server version ?
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    Sanya said:

    - Player titles no longer get cleared when changing regions

    The newbies helping floating lightball should also stay away when changing regions, if you already told her to go away.

    Also, don't uninstall the former client if you plan to keep playing in community servers while testing this experimental build.
  • Sinistrad said:

    "Removed staves"

    I don't even have the Q ability to regenerate mana anymore. Am I going to get the staves I had back when they're re-added or am I going to need to go back out and farm gold for a few hours to replace the one taken from me? Also, why was my linen cloth taken away, too?

    Wearing a spellbook should give u the meditation ability
  • GreggGregg United States
    Fenris said:

    @Sanya @Supreem
    Any info about new community server version ?

    Its being worked on. Some of the server optimizations have caused problems packaging it. I'll be digging further into that today as a priority.
  • Sacha said:

    Sanya said:

    - Player titles no longer get cleared when changing regions

    Also, don't uninstall the former client if you plan to keep playing in community servers while testing this experimental build.
    I uninstalled client ver. 6.0.1
    and downloaded the New client ver. 6.0.3
    You mean I won't be able to play now?
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    The client version must match the server version.
    That means that with your 6.0.3 client you can't play on a 6.0.1 server.
  • I thought the New client was LIVE version. When are they updating to new client then?
    And, can I still download the "old" version somewhere until then?
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    well it seems this is live now indeed. But community servers still use the old version.
    In general terms is always a good measure to keep the former client on each update if you plan to play on community servers, because necessarily these will update later than the official one.
  • waygonewaygone Alaska
    edited April 2018
    Thanks Sacha
    I was hoping that was the case. I started download as I left for work ;-)
    Good idea not to uninstall old client before testing...
  • SinistradSinistrad United States
    Meziljin said:

    Sinistrad said:

    "Removed staves"

    I don't even have the Q ability to regenerate mana anymore. Am I going to get the staves I had back when they're re-added or am I going to need to go back out and farm gold for a few hours to replace the one taken from me? Also, why was my linen cloth taken away, too?

    Wearing a spellbook should give u the meditation ability
    Well, that's something at least. Thanks for the info! Would have been nice if it was in the patch notes. I think I am just going to go into wait-and-see mode since I really only like playing mages in MMOs. And right now, my mage is no longer fun. :(

  • SanyaSanya Inside your computer Administrator
    @Sinistrad - The guys are sitting with me in an AirBnB and they're pulling footage for tomorrow while drinking terrible beer, so I hesitate to repeat the full explanation, but the gist is that this is the first phase of implementation - staves will return in another patch, but more "use this for a bonus" and not "you must use this thing."

    I hope that makes sense.
  • MorphMorph Denmark
    Is it just me, or did this patch introduce alot of gfx bugs? all my weapons are black, nearly all armor is grey/black, half the pets i see people have are true black...?

    Besides, why do 1 cotton equal 5 cloth, while you need 5 iron to make 1 bar? 5 wood to make 1 board? Seems strange to me?

    Also why does quilted cloth weigth so much more than cotton cloth? :)

    Why does leather armor come in 3 different types pr. tier while cloth armor only comes in 2?

  • Changes are great but I believe you should focus on resolving problem with burning GPU. Game already burn even the most modern graphic cards, it is serious problem and I guess it's really important to fix this asap.
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