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3D Sculpting & Modeling in ZBrush 4R8

BJC289BJC289 Monterey Bay, California
edited February 2018 in The Off-Topic Tavern
After about an estimated 30-45 hours collectively learning terminology, practicing tools, tricks, playing around with it, I have started out from a sphere primitive and organically sculpted an unfinished based mesh of the overall shape I'm trying to go for. And working on my anatomy at the same time, or trying to at least.
This game and video have inspired me to be apart of the industry so here I am working on it. :D
Just a beginner and its my first project. I hope you guys enjoy.


  • BJC289BJC289 Monterey Bay, California
    ps I have a ways to go with anatomy lol.
  • Origami_TsunamiOrigami_Tsunami Detroit
    edited February 2018
    Nice! I started down the rabbit hole with Blender a couple years ago and it ended up with me going back to grad school and trying to combine 3D modeling & programming with something relatively unrelated (archaeology). If you ever feel like giving Blender a whirl, I recommend the tutorials at CGCookie. They're incredibly easy to learn from and take things through the professional work pipeline, though, a lot of the content isn't free. I usually subscribe to them when I have a month with a lot of free time to learn some new things.
  • BJC289BJC289 Monterey Bay, California
    Thanks! I will download it tomorrow when I wake up and take a gander. Primarily I want my first experience to start out hardcore on one software until I'm efficient, but this is great info and really appreciate you sharing that with me. thank you. :)
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