How to sell multiple items? - total newbie question

Hey guys,

Silly question probably but if I make lets say 20 shields how can I sell them to a vendor? I click on vendor than I click on sell. and than I click on shield and than ok and than on shield and than ok and.. 20 times like this? can there be easier way to make that happen ?


  • I wish. :( Maybe they'll add it in one day.
  • The only workaround I got.. is putitng my backpack next to the "click ok to sell" popup window :( I hope it helps someone but most of you probably figured it out on your own
  • I ususally look for crafting orders to fill in, you get the same money value + a reward and its easier to click iteams to add to a CO then selling them individual
  • are you sure you get the same order value? I found out that it is not the case and I get like almost nothing in value compares to how many items I give, but right now I'm doing the CO due to the fact that I need more recipes
  • Same here. I hate having to click on 30 items to sell. Especially being you have to click on the item, then move the mouse and click on "Sell". I wish I could just click and hit enter, or put the "Sell" button closer. Maybe the button says "Sure". It's just to verify you want to sell.
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