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Hello LoA players. We are recruiting on the Verdant Earth server.

STK of LoA was founded February 11th, 2019. All of us are new players and have 6 weeks or less under our belts(at the time of this update). We're enjoying the game and having fun. We've managed to work together to fund a Guild Hall in a great location, complete with amenities, in this short time.

If you're a new player I encourage you to look into our guild and ride our wave of enthusiasm and explore the game with us.

A little about us.
* Founding members are UO veterans.
* We are a 15 year old gaming community that hails from another universe and from another time.
* We have our own Discord that is very active.
* We value camaraderie, tolerance for a variety of viewpoints and free-speech so long as it's not vicious or personal in nature.
* We care more about chemistry and quality over quantity.
* Drinking, smoking, laughing, terrible joke making, being above average...This is what we do.

Things we expect from membership.
* A working mic.
* Brief interview over Discord voice to ensure that you'll fit in with the group and won't annoy the crap out of us.
* Don't be computer illiterate.
* Don't be an outrage addict or easily offended. No thin skinned SJWs, etc.
* Over 18.
* Teamwork and working toward guild objectives.
* Willingness to PVP and die like a man with honor and diginity, repeatedly if you must, with your guild mates.(Once you're established, etc)
* Care enough to get better at the game over time.

If you've been around LoA for a while we'd love to have some new members come into the fold that have experience and knowledge of the game many of us have jumped into head first. We're on the cusp of having a server presence as a modest guild that does a pretty decent job working and having fun together.

If you're interested please contact me on Discord @[STK] Lak#2225


We also have a bad ass coat of arms.


  • ModocModoc West Coast
    Back to the front page.

    We're steadily growing. You don't want to be in some big guild that stole it's name from a popular show. You don't want to Make Aria Great Again, it already is! Come check us out!
  • Hello. i cant seem to find you on discord..... would like to chat about joining.
  • ModocModoc West Coast

    Hello. i cant seem to find you on discord..... would like to chat about joining.

    Hey man. I simplified my Discord tag and forgot to update the thread. We were gearing for a more serious recruitment effort and I hadn't checked up in the post.

    Hit me up bigB.
  • ModocModoc West Coast
    Updated recruitment post up top. We are selectively recruiting new members. Hit me up on Discord if you're interested or leave your ID here and I'll reach out to you.

  • ModocModoc West Coast
    Things are going great. We've got more plots coming online in great locations. We're exploring harder parts of the game and killing bigger stronger mobs. Hop aboard.
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