Charcter slots for sale in cash shops.

FinFin Oklahoma
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Currently we have 4 Character slots per account. Conventional wisdom has it that Citadel did this on purpose, knowing it was really not enough, to boost account sales.(and since that means a second or third email account it's a bit of a pain in the ass if true) That being said it would seem to me that Citadel could generate revenue by selling up to two additional slots at say $7.50 each allowing for a total of 6 slots per account. I do not see this as affecting end game at all or in any way unbalancing the game since we are simply talking player conveinence and revenue generation.


  • DustyMacdDustyMacd Scotland Moderator
    I quite like the idea and the price is equal to the cost of the base game!
  • To be honest as far as the game environment goes what they currently have in place where we can simply run multiple accounts is much worse than an extra char slot or two could ever be. Ghost scouts, bypassing the plot limit and undermining the LP system (as all those extra account's accumulate points over time)

    When that ugly shop button came up it was one of the first things I assumed we'd see, along with appearance/name scrolls
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