Question: Dead Tamers and Live Pets

Does the pet go neutral ( as in will not follow last command, such as guard or attack) when the Tamer dies. I seem to get varying answers from my guild tamers such as "sometimes" "not always" etc. The reason I ask it seems to me that a dead Tamer whose Pet ( say a Wyvern) is still following commands is OP and out of synch with every other character. What ghost(of any character other than a Tamer) can command anything post death? Seems to me the pet should always go neutral as long as it is not attacked. I might even go so far as to say that a red Tamer loses permanent control of his pet upon death. Too much?


  • Pets should just stay in place. Or keep attacking the last target. Auto defend against being attacked. Wait for its owner to retrieve him.
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    Maybe it could be easier and funnier if they just revert to pre-tamed (aggresive, neutral, whatever). And they should attack whoever killed their master.
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