Any good Black smithing and mining guides? help please

Im 82 smith and 80's mining. So making Colbalt plate tunics but only getting about .3 gain per 500 colbalt ore.

Smelting Obsidian is getting 0-.1 gains and 0-1 bar per a couple hundred ore.


  • From experience, i'd say smelting obsidian 90-GM is probably the most resource saving way to do it, you can also do it from 86 and on but that will be a little more wasteful, up to that you should craft items at around 70 required skill like cobalt scale tunics or gold full plate leggings.
    good luck!
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    at this time in the game(82 smith) cobalt scale tunics and gold full plate leggings gave 0 skill points. Maybe the gains were adjusted in a patch.

    What i dont understand is why im not getting gains smelting Obsidian, while i can gain smelting Colbalt ? Guess i have to wait untill 88 smith to get Obsidian gains ?

    Now i am at 85 smith and still only get gain from colbalt plate tunic, and smelting colbalt. i hope it gets me to 88 so i can work the Obsidian?
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    Cobalt ingot to 85. Gold plate tunics to 90 or 91. Obsidian ingot to GM. Although Gold plate tunics can take you to 99. Ex. Gold plate tunic requirement is 74 + 25 = 99... Cobalt ingot requirement is 60 + 25 = 85... Add 25 to the requirement level of the item you want to craft to see what it can raise your blacksmithing to. As others mentioned you could do Obsidian ingot from 85 to GM.
  • Grex said:

    Cobalt ingot to 85. Gold plate tunics to 90 or 91. Obsidian ingot to GM.


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