Once i put down my house

can i move it once i resize my plot?


  • NighthunterNighthunter United States
    You cannot move it once you place it, only resize it.
  • You can only resize the Plot, not the house. Once the house is placed, that is where it is. If you want a bigger house, you have to tear down the old. No returns. So think twice before building the second house. Do you want to wait a while and get an even bigger or do you have enough gold to waste 5-6g and then go for the bigger later.
    Also check the Plot at start. Can it be expanded enough to fit your future house size? You can freely place a Plot deed and play with resize and release plot so long as no house is on it.
    Trees, hills, water, roads etc. can prevent you from expanding your plot like you want.

    here are the costs and sizes of the diff. houses.
  • It's frustrating that you can't move a house once placed. My house was misplaced from where I wanted it on my plot. And there is nothing I can do other than delete the house and go buy another deed and harvest all the materials for it again.

    Considering placing a house in the correct spot is already an incredible PITA. They need to make it possible to move the house once it's placed. PLEASE!!!!!
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    Plot and house placing needs to get better. But once you build a house you can't move it, foundations would crumble.
  • Already possible on LoA server to redeed your house. Don't see why they couldn't do it here.
  • Can you re deed the house but those the mats? So if misplaced and no mats have been added you can pick it up
  • Sorry, my bad lol. I meant Legends of Ultima server, LoU, a community server. Can't do it on the official one. Not sure if they plan on it soon.
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