Call it Cosmetics Only Shop

I read the recent Massively OP interview with Citadel Studios. In the article they are referring to a Cash shop. Change the name to Cosmetics Only Shop. The game has received a small dose of radioactivity due to the xp potion which was eventually removed as should because this game is not P2Win.

There is plenty of money to be made with a cosmetics shop. It could even sell character customization features during character creation point.. different sets of eyes, hair etc. The character customization needs an overhaul as there are not enough customization options and the toons look unnatural with those long legs and all. You should be able to customize your toon and dress him/her up during character creation point. It would only make the game more interesting as everyone would have a personalized look and all those new players wouldn't be running around in boring standard robes.

Clothes should get worn out over time so the market wouldn't get oversaturated with Cosmetics Shop clothing and people would keep buying new (cosmetic) stuff.
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