Armor Ore Types

What is the benefit from wearing the different ores? Why pay more for obsidian rather than just wear iron?


  • Durability
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    The only difference i can see is Obsidian Armour give +1 defence. None of the Armour show any other amour ratings. So i am not even sure the ore is making a difference in Armour? Because i am using bandages just as often wearing obsidian armour as i was when wearing leather !

    I do see a difference in Obsidian weapons killing a bear a bit faster. But not as fast as it should....
  • The difference between ores is that with higher tier ores you get a better chance to make good weapons, as it comes to armor, i noticed i'm getting like way more +2 with gold ore than with obsidian, besides that, armor made with obsidian is more durable than with other ores, not really worth using if you are doing PvP
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