Mailbox Fell into ocean and took my Stone Villa house with it. (UPDATED & FIXED)

JuicyJuicy USA
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I expanded my lot along the cliffs and my mailbox fell into the ocean. Had unexpected behavior and zero lot control afterwards and it destroyed my 22 gold house.

This is one of those bugs that makes me want to quit the game as I lost my LOA life savings with that deed.

Is there anything the DEVS will do for me?

Thanks... totally frustrated here... =(


  • ChrystiChrysti Europe
    edited February 10
    Did you at the least get the house sliding over cutscene? Preferably in slow motion?

    in seriousness though this is pretty funy but it sucks am sure devs will sort you out.
  • JuicyJuicy USA
    edited February 14
  • Well pretty sure you knew you were doing something unintended when half your plot was hovering over the water. But it's not up to you to know. Dev's should have foreseen this
  • JuicyJuicy USA
    edited February 12
  • UPDATE 2.14.19: I apologize for the mixed feelings and un-constructive things I expressed in this chain. I regret many of the immature things I said and have deleted my emotionally-charged toxic statements directed at Citadel and others.

    I was frustrated, and I truly felt like my cat got ran over and was angry. I absolutely love the world in LOA that Citadel has created and allowed me to immerse myself in but I had put in a ton of time and was hurt.

    Even knowing what I had negatively said about them (Citadel), they still went back a second-time and looked at my situation and "made it right!"

    They could have easily have just blew me off due to my ranting but they didn't. They were the cooler-headed party in this situation and I thank them for doing so.

    Thank you Citadel!

    Yours Truly,

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