Fishing bugs and feedback

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Let's start with the bugs:

♦ Fishing doesn't have a line-of-sight check. While this is often useful, it also allows you to fish from inside of a house, which seems wrong.

♦ You can't fish up Soaked (Tier 2) maps. You can only get them as loot in T1/3 fishing map chests.

♦ You can't fish up regular-sized fish ("A barrel fish"). You can only fish up small, large, huge and gigantic. Regular-size fish can only be found in fishing map chests, which seems wrong.

♦ (from RedFalcon510 on reddit) Shell-Encrusted maps give Treasure Hunting skillups, despite not requiring any Treasure Hunting skill. This is probably just leftover from a previous iteration of the system.

♦ Fishing will often bug out while reeling in, leaving you reeling endlessly until you move and get the "The line snaps!" message. This might be a lazy anti-macro thing, but I suspect it's just a bug.

♦ There are a truly ridiculous number of schools of fish spawning in Oasis.

Now for the feedback:

You should not be able to obtain fishing maps from any water area. They should only come from schools of fish. Look at that, I just solved the fishing macroer problem. Being able to catch maps from regular water, not to mention water that is 'fished-out' is a bad design decision. It's just begging people to macro for maps, especially since you get much faster recasts in fished-out water, giving you more chances per hour to get a map. By restricting map catches to schools of fish—maybe even with a guaranteed map as the last catch in a school—not only do you completely neuter fishing macroing (beyond the marginally-useful skillups), but you get players moving around the map and can balance the map tiers to the area being fished (i.e., rum-stained/shell-encrusted could only drop from four-eyed salar or razor fish, which only spawn in the wilderness). This would be more intuitive for players, as they expect the random spawn schools of fish to provide the best rewards, when in fact the opposite is true.

♦ Fish are fucking worthless. Cooking aside, fish have a sell value of a fraction of a copper. I ran a test last night fishing for an hour. Tthe combined value of the fish that I caught (not counting large/huge/gigantic which can't be sold), was 60 copper. One copper per minute. That's hands down the least profitable skill in the game, short of just being AFK for an hour.

♦ Large/Huge/Gigantic fish should yield more than one fish steak, or have something that makes them "better" than small fish, since they're so much more rare.

♦ Fish should be processed by the stack, not by the fish. Cutting one fish in to one steak is tedious as shit, especially considering fish steaks are worthless.

♦ Reduce the drop rate of round/square pillows in fishing map chests. You don't have to replace it with anything, but they're just way too common. P.S. Anyone want 100 pillows?

♦ I feel like fishing map rewards are in a pretty good place (other than the pillows), though I'm curious why reagents don't seem to scale (you get as many in a T1 chest as a T5, and why gems don't appear in T4/5 chests. The coin drops could be smoothed out a bit as well, especially in the T3/4/5 range. I also wouldn't mind seeing a tiny chance for a furniture crate from the T4/5 chests.

♦ Maps for give their location as a region rather than a specific river or lake drive me nuts. Like getting a map for "West Valusia" that I fish up in the exact same spot as a map for "The Brooks." Why didn't the first map just say "The Brooks"?


  • DustyMacdDustyMacd Scotland Moderator
    I haven't tried fishing yet, but this is great feedback! Itne treasuremaps is something I am curious to try!
  • How about different types of fish in different lakes and such. I get the same anywhere
  • NighthunterNighthunter United States
    Great feedback on fishing for the devs. I agree on all of this.
  • ZafuZafu California
    edited February 11

    Excellent write-up. I've heard a lot of complaining since last patch on treasure chest loot nerfs. I'm only up to T-3, so not sure.

  • They reduced the number of high-end scrolls (basically anything that would require an ancient scroll if made via inscription) significantly, but that was reasonable, given that it neutered Inscription. I haven't noticed any changes to loot beyond that.
  • ZafuZafu California
    Thanks Squid.
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