The manifestation skill

So Im making a mage build and got my Manifestation up so I could travel faster but when I tried to mark runes outside the guard zone it gave me the no magic energy msg and the same when I try to mark a rune by my house.
This makes the entire skill useless IMO or is it something Im missing about the skill? Would it not be alot better to just get healing/vigor?

Also I was reading somewhere that 100 in a combat skill gives 50% less chance for others to hit you in pvp but blocking with shield only gives 70% chance that the shields armor is added?

Was going for a 6xgm build

Blocking 100 <- Seems unless
Manifestation 100 <- Seems unless
Hiding 100 <- I go afk a little now and then but could take it down to 40
Channeling 100
Evocation 100
Magic Affinity 100

Weap skill 100
Healing 80
Vigor 80
Hiding 40
Channeling 100
Evocation 100
Magic Affinity 100

Did not want a build like that but it seems to be the only option atm?

Plz correct me if Im wrong
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