Firewall Ports

Hi all,

I tried to find the answer online and on the forums, but I can't find a reliable source of information for this. We want to play during lunch at work and we need to ask the IT guys to open ports for the game.

Could you tell us what ports need to be open in order for us to play?




  • IT guys should know how to view logfiles to see which ports are in use while you try to connect. ;)
  • KekKek Lordia
    Yeah but trying to connect and then monitoring with ports are being used while the game runs is 2 different thing. It is rarely the same ports for auth and then for raw data. This information should be available readily by the Legends of Aria team...
  • Same thing. Disconnected from client server. Which ports i should open on router to connect? Is this really "secret information"?
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