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Massively OP Interview with Devs - Feb 7, 2019

BingoBingo Canada
edited February 8 in General Discussion
For anyone not aware, there is a new interview out on their thoughts on the dungeon expansion, ganking, taming, housing, and cash shop :



  • chrisx9chrisx9 christian@elfers.eu
    Excellent read and content, thank you! I am really loooking forward to the changes and extensions.

    I like especially that non-fighting aspects of the game will get some love with seasoned rares, gardening, housing, crafting, etc. I also like the idea of new lands with steam launch. This gives new players both, an option to claim a land plot (in the new lands) as well as experience populated lands with player houses, shops and the like. No wipe required, clever move :-)

    What worries me is this sentence "We have no immediate plans for a major overhaul of crafting...". The (in my eyes "broken") carpentry crafting/work orders needs some attention earlier.

  • Sorry Devguys, you seem to hover in a different realm than i am playing. as chris already mentioned needs crafting a lot of small adjustments and some big stuff done and has NO time to loose. talking about more expansions before you even fix the current state of the game, i wish i could have what you are smoking....
  • edited February 8
    +1 agreed. please FIX EXISTING problems before thinking of expansions (in whatever way). there are so many bugs, glitches and unbalancings that really kills fun in the game. I rarely log in with my 3 accounts anymore.
    Meanwhile everyone has a griefer PK. Why? Because there is no risk involved. UO had at least stat loss Yeah, reds must walk. but thats ridiculous if you have a base 10 seconds from a hotspot... If you die you run home (most PKs have bases near hotspots like mines , dungeons etc so there is even no long walk necessary), if you don't die you have loot and spoiled another players experience.
    It gets even worse. I have no problem getting killed. I play from Alpha on. Earlier PKs were not so many and "behaved". You could easily mine, chop wood or collect some resources half an hour without being ganked. Now you are lucky when you have enough time to restock till the next PK cometh in.
    Also the PKs dind't clean loot you and even ress you (and if youre lucky your pack horse too).
    Now you are getting clean looted (even useless craft orders) and even resskilled if you are getting back to your corpse to see if you can save some items..
    Sorry, THAT were the reasons that killed UO.. and to the "Trammel killed UO" shouters....
    Why was EA forced to create Trammel ? B/c the massive player base was pissed off and left the game...
    Think for yourself.. how many players were at Trammel Brit bank and how many players at Felucca ? Felucca was DEAD at the end b/c no one likes gank games (except for the gankers/ griefers)
    I fear LoA is going the same way. On Siege Perilous there were some kind of "rules" but LoA is going for a gank game for griefers.... oh and I forgot... unattended macroers FTW.... CS knows about it but doesn't care... just look to Eldeir (Crimson Sea server)... most players there are bots... nice one...
    Sorry I had real great hopes for LoA but with every patch it gets worse _(IMHO)..
    And I know CS is a small studio, but the lack of communication is really bad..'
  • First increase user experience, than expand.

    There are SO much little things that needs to be fixed first that you should be able to fix weekly if not daily.
  • I like! :)
  • chrisx9chrisx9 christian@elfers.eu
    edited February 8
    I would opt for a balancing between new things and fixes. If we only get fixes, the game might not attract existing players enough to stay for the game to survive... in german, there is a saying for that "schön sterben" (like "die pretty"). just a thought.
  • Stat loss for reds
  • chrisx9 said:

    I would opt for a balancing between new things and fixes. If we only get fixes, the game might not attract existing players enough to stay for the game to survive... in german, there is a saying for that "schön sterben" (like "die pretty"). just a thought.

    +1 well stated.
  • How about looking at cooking and alchemy. No money to be made at all in those. Talk about broken. Add poison or something to alchemy please or lower the special items needed to make them.

  • ragonrokragonrok Eldeir
    edited February 11
    Squid said:

    The expansions mentioned are just them finishing what, in their view, is the base game. I wouldn't read too much into it.

    Not a big fan of the 'git gud, noob'-esque response to the pk/ganking question.

    I look at it like this man
    A pk is usually going to win a fight because they have no other hobbies. They don't have mining, treasure hunting, or alchemy.

    All 600 are focused into killing players. If it's all your character is built to do, you're going to be good at it.
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