Raising Intelligence stat.

Hey there.

I leveled an Assassin, but then decided to go mage.
Instead of creating a new character I just de-leveled the stats and raised skills.

Before the change I had:

0 Magic Aff
0 Channeling


Now I have

77,7 Evo
67,6 Magic Aff
50 Channeling

33str (down)
36agi (down)
20int (up)
26con (up)
25wis (locked)
10wil (locked)

I have tried to raise my Int from 20 for around 2-3 days now.
I have casted so many spells, and no gain.
I created a new char and got from 20-25 in like 1-2 hours just casting heals.

So I bought 30 Manifestation to cast Heals on the main char.
Still no gains.

Is there something wrong with the adjustments?

Best regards.


  • Same problem forever!
  • MajkuMajku Sweden
    Just an update.

    went from 30 - 37 in manifestation.
    About 200 spells..

    Still no move from 20 int.

  • Cycle through the lock, up, down control a few times and reset to what you want the stat to do.

    Carry on and be upset you didn’t do it earlier as your stats will now probably work correctly.

    Silly little glitch that kept me at 30 con well into my 80s
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