GTX 1070 high fan speed

Hey guys,

I know that this game is still not really optimizied but is it normal when having two clients started, that the GPU Fan goes extremly high?

He idle than at ~70°c with about 1300 RPM and that makes really noise.
With one client he idle at 64°c and 1100 RPM. Whats still pretty high compaired to other actual games with much more impressive graphics.

Is this game really that much GPU intense?
If it is.. is the optimization still in progress?



  • PetrPetr Czech Republic
    edited February 5
    I posted it in other thread somwere. But they typed recently that they cooperate with some external on switching the game to the new version of unity. And they said that they are focusing on optimization with this process. Take my comment as user reproduction. Don't want to be catch on wording.
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