Getting Logged out

Has any one else been dealing with an issue where you log-in and a few moments later you are auto logged out back to the log-in screen? I have changed my password and verified my account has not been tampered with so i am not sure what else could be causing the game to auto log me out.


  • I am getting that just this morning. Yesterday was ok and I played a good bit of the day, but today, I am being returned to log in after sometimes only seconds in game.
  • BegovicBegovic The Netherlands
    Same problem here. I have a new computer with very good specs so it cant be the problem. The game doesnt crash but it brings me back to the login page. Really weird. Might be something with the last update?
  • I am having the same problem... it tends to be sporadic, sometimes i can play for 10-20 minutes, and sometimes its 10-20 seconds. I've updated all of my drivers... Lenovo Erazer X315
  • CrusaderCrusader Italia
    Same issue here, got 2 account (one for me, one for my GF), so we share the same connection but with 2 different computers. Still it happens exactly the same problem explained by azazel: sometimes she can't login at all, sometimes she login and she get kicked out few seconds after, and sometimes she can play for 20 mins or so.
  • Did you try allowing the program through the local firewall?
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