Skill gain broken?

I have been struggling to get any manifestation skill gains. I have casted portal and cloak 1000-2000 times and not many gains and my skill is at 84. I did notice that I get more skill gains when I cast the spell then run and target my self or the rune.


  • sailorswiftsailorswift Queens, NY
    edited February 4
    I believe gains slow down and eventually stop if you stay stationary. Also make sure you're Well Rested. But, I could be wrong.
  • Yea I gmed this skill already just last week but shit it was like pulling teeth to gain more than .3 an hr and with the new ward spell being level 8, hitting gm wont be as bad but I am wrong. I move around while I cast this and lockpick lvl 5 chests at same time. I even went and tried mounted vs unmounted and peace vs war mode. I am well rested on paperdoll and then I also ate food to be safe...I can't think of anything other than what has currently worked and that involved logging out and back in and getting a few skill gains and then repeating this. For me, I feel like the frame-skipping issue is also tied to skills not gaining because sometimes I can cast a spell while running and the game doesn't stop me from running while I cast....maybe it skips when I would have had a skill gain? Idk but its driving me nuts lol...
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