Visual bug that seem like speed hack.

So I was running at Pyros Landing town and some guy start following me. He was accusing me of speed hack and despite his animosity I tried to understand why he was accusing me of speed hack and what may have happened to cause this visual bug. So I started recording. If this guy could post a link to his accusation I can prove I was not using hack.
To him, I was not mounted and my horse was invisible and I had the non-mounted running animation, but to me I was mounted, my horse was showing and I could see horse animation. Hence the speed hack accusation.
I`ll try to give as many information as I found unusual.
When I created my character, my internet went down throughout the process. It went down when I was selecting my clothes. Also it was a female character. When I logged in again everything I`ve chosen was under my new chosen character aspects. From hair to clothes. Also when I logged in again the default male choice had all my female aspects but the size of body, which had a male physique.
Hope this help.


  • This happens all the time with large groups of players. Many will appear to be running as fast as horse. Some players will see him on horse other will not.
  • Yes, visual bug happens to everyone and if you see a guy running just like the horse, he is on the horse.
  • Well, guess is not a character creation bug, maybe. It`s funny because the guy followed me for 30 min saying stupid shit. I told him not to make a fool of himself, that he was being ignorant.
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