Ward Of Evil Spell on loop server wide.

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Computer Hardware/Operating System Specifications: i7 6700k, GTX 970, 16GB Ram, Windows 10
Date and Time the bug occurred: All times, it's on a constant loop.
What did you expect to happen instead: Not to have the sound on a loop when I'm not even in a dungeon?
Steps to reproduce the error: Play the game.
Video of bug:

Since the "Ward of Evil" spell was introduced into the game I can constantly hear it on a loop regardless of what I do. It's not just one character of mine, it's every character. The sound continually plays over and over on a loop. The only fix is to mute the games audio.


  • Pls fix this asap !
  • edited February 6
    Please fix this...
    Very annoying...

    Edit: Got mine fixed by going to several locations to get the different background sounds
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