Where do you buy a taming crook?

I lost mine and I haven't the slightest idea where to buy another, or multiples for that matter.


  • ay the stables
  • Thanks, though I don't know where a stable is? I'm relatively new to the game.
  • just outside of every city
  • Ok thanks
  • PetrPetr Czech Republic
    If tamer is what you choose as first character to play than I recomend you rather start with somethink else. Tamer is very hard to train and it will take a quite grind until you get to lvl where your pets kill somethink.
    Best to begin with is any kind of warrior. Mage can also be, but its harder to make money for reagents.
  • Gonads and StrifeGonads and Strife United Kingdom
    Carpenters can also craft them
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