items not visable in my back pack

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Since latest patch:

1:) every time i log in several items are not visable in my back pack. i have to drag them from the list to place in back pack.

2:) the ridiculous Argo is back: everything gank you and chase you forever in new player zones.


  • Number 1:) happens with monster loot and player chests also. Can only see them on the list not in the pack itself.
  • And bank items too.
  • PetrPetr Czech Republic
    basicly all items in all type of containers randomly disapear and they are only shown in item list under containers.
  • Sometimes its vice versa, i can see the items in my pack but not on the list.
  • Try starting the launcher.exe file and let it re-check all files and automatically re-download some files if necessary. It did work for me.
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