Lost items post patch Feb 1, 2019

1) Visual bug, items are not appearing inside container, but will be visible on the container content list.
2) ALL of my bone armor dissapeared that was in a pouch pre-patch. Its all gone. If I get it back that would be nice, no sweat otherwise to farm more but its pretty shitty for those in need.


  • I had the same issue, but I just dragged the "invisible" pouch from the list to another container or into the bank chest. The first time I thought I lost everything, including my nobble cloak and other rare weapons like demon slayer etc. I hope that this bug just a visual one and that other players will not lose items from the database.
  • Same issue
  • JprossJpross lberube9@hotmail.com
    Same issue, even if you drag item to fix the issue, the problem come back once you relog back in...
  • Same here- almost had heart attack.
  • Same here- almost had heart attack.

    Yeaaaaaa me too. but then i saw the item list had it listed.
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