Friend referrals: Only one instead of three

I referred three friends. One of them at the time when you could choose between three different founder packs (I guess it was in November) and the remaining two some weeks ago when you already could only buy the 29.99§ game version (just like you can buy it right now).
I just noticed that I only received the 250 bonus loyalty points for the first one instead of all three referrals.
Is this a bug or intended? :) Maybe you should only receive the bonus points if you referred friends in the time you could pledge for a founder's pack. This would clarify why I only reveiced the bonus points for the first referral.

Any ideas?


  • Same here, I referred 5 friends in total, and only got 750 loyalty points for the 3 friends who signed up when there were the founders pack available. I did not receive any loyalty points for the other 2 friends who signed up once only the regular edition was available.
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