teleport with a warrior

Hi all,
i have a question , i'm a warrior to teleport i have to use marked runes or gate (do from a mage) right?
today i've tried for the firt time with a rune...... but i discovered that you can use it only once! because it was broken....
so is very expensive tu buy a lot of marked runes.... is there another way?


  • Gonads and StrifeGonads and Strife United Kingdom
    edited February 3
    The other warrior thread discussed this,

    If you are only needing manifestation to portal to places and little else, runes actually represent massive value in the sense that you are not having to purposely dedicate a whole skill slot, as well as mess up your stats to accommodate the extra int/mana you need to get the cast off.

    Worth pointing out as far as your cash flow goes, little point outside of shere vanity using anything other than the NPC sold armor + shield other than a cheap player made weapon. Especially when you are dirt poor.

    Just use your warrior to get your foot in the door/put gold aside and then you can think about leveling the expensive stuff (mage, crafters etc)

    Aside from a handful of masochists practically everybody has started out the same way, by the time your warrior is in the last 500% you should be sitting on enough gold for an average plot/house etc if your shrewd enough with change to spare

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