Stealth/Hiding is broken

I have 87 stealth and 81 hiding, but it seems like I fail to hide way more now and then when I walk while hidden i get revealed after taking one step. My character is also not wearing amor when doing this, if this makes a difference compared to heavy/light/cloth


  • If each point of stealth is 1% success rate then with 87 stealth you have a 13% chance to be revealed with each step. That's pretty much a guaranteed failure within 10 steps.I think there's always a chance of failure, maybe 1% even with 100 skill.
  • Yea the only thing I knew was that it was working better before the patches etc but i can't say how it works anymore...I got too frustrated with dungeon chests being nerfed and I don't need stealth to walk up to chests that don't exist.
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