Impossible to login - Error

BrommakBrommak Sverige
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Hi guys! I play on windows. The issue I have is the error message I get everytime when I am trying to login to the game. The game crashes after that. Does someone know how to fix it? See the picture.
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  • SAME!
  • VORLOYVORLOY Brasil, Sao Paulo
    Same here
  • SuperjaySuperjay Canada
    edited February 2
    Same error as well. Traveled to Helm with one character and receive that error during load every time. I can login with other characters on the same account without issues that are not in Helm.
  • I get the same thing when trying to log on a toon in Helm (3 of them are there). I can only log on my toon in Eldeir.

    Edit: Crashes even in Eldeir now, what a fuckin' fail.
  • Redownloading from launcher resolved this issue for me. Citadel noted on twitter they resolved a client side issue recently, so this was likely it.
  • Solved! Thanks!
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