Characters cannot log in

I can access the server, Verdant Earth, but any character I select gets a loading screen then game crashes. Please help


  • I can log in with 2 characters that are in Eldeir and I can't log in with the other 2 that are in Helm
  • All of my characters are in Helm area.
  • i am having the same problem, all characters in helm area, client crashes as soon as the GUI loads after character selection.
  • TK403TK403 United States
    Same here; characters in helm cause game to crash as soon as game starts to load from Loading Screen. Can't logon.
  • SuperjaySuperjay Canada
    edited February 2
    I traveled to Helm with my main char, and game crashes now during load screen on that character. Other characters on same account in Eldeir can login without issues.
  • Same issue for me - can not log character into Helm.
  • Redownloading from launcher resolved this issue for me. Citadel noted on twitter they resolved a client side issue recently, so this was likely it.
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