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Hi everyone! I made a tamer with those skill : taming lore Beast healing manifestation. i was thinking to put as last skill channeling. I really Need it? Or i spend not so much mana with manifestation only? Maybe brawling? PLS give me advice! 50 const 50 int and 20 agility are correct?


  • Is there a best place to start a tamer?
  • Every town is easily accessible via tower portals. Eldeir isn't a bad place to start in general.
  • FiFi the Witch
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    If you aiming to become a supportive Tamer, these are the stats I would suggest for you as these are what I use myself—for now:

    • 10 Strength
    • 10 Agility
    • 50 Intelligence
    • 40 Constitution
    • 30 Wisdom
    • 10 Will

    As a Caster, you will need as much mana and sources of mana restoration as you can get—the latter from Channeling (increased base mana regeneration and Focus), Meditation (you need 80 Evocation, 80 Manifestation, and the prestige book itself for this), and mana potions which can get expensive. As for Constitution, 35-40 is mandatory for nearly all builds with a focus on combat for 450-500 health.

    50 Intelligence will give you a maximum Mana Pool of 125 and will also provide 25% Spell Power if you maximize Magic Affinity which most Tamers are unable to optimally possess with the three core Tamer skills needing 300 skill points, but Spell Power is not important to you if you're not interested in splitting up some of your points to fit Evocation into your build.

    If you are interested in fitting Evocation into your build, this is a balanced Mage Tamer build I'd recommend:

    • 100 Animal Lore
    • 100 Animal Taming
    • 100 Beastmastery
    • 60 Channeling
    • 80 Evocation
    • 80 Magic Affinity
    • 80 Manifestation

    60 Channeling will provide you with a modest amount of increased mana regeneration on top of a somewhat reliable chance of successful focus when using the Focus ability to further increase your mana regeneration while standing still.

    80 Evocation is enough for Energy Bolt to not fail consistently, but there will still be chance of frequent failures since 90 Evocation is needed for it to have a 100% success rate; however, Ray of Frost will be your primary spell as a Caster because it will chill/slow targets which will make them much easier for your pet(s) to maul, and fortunately for this build, Ray of Frost's 100% success rate is 80 Evocation. You cannot use Meteor and Earthquake as a Tamer because these spells will harm and potentially kill your pet(s).

    80 Magic Affinity will give you 20% Spell Power with 50 Intelligence.

    80 Manifestation alongside 80-100 Animal Lore will allow you to resurrect your pets, but there may be consistent failures. 80 Manifestation will also allow you to make use of Portal and Ward: Evil—the latter spell seemingly useless to me due to how long it lasts, but again, there may be consistent failures for these high ranking spells.

    These are the stats I have been considering using since Mage Healers want to avoid getting CC'd as much as possible:

    • 10 Strength
    • 10 Agility
    • 50 Intelligence
    • 35/40 Constitution
    • 10 Wisdom
    • 30/35 Will

    Will is a bit... of a mediocre stat, but despite what others believe and what its description says in-game, it has a chance to nullify stuns, poison, and slows—CC in general. Unlike stuns, there are no grace periods in the form of a buff that briefly prevents you from being poisoned or slowed again; I have no idea if Will affects silence and that debilitation that prevents one from being healed.

    My main dilemma with this stat build is how useful Will may be in PvE that involve creatures with the abilities to do all of these things Will may protect me from and how useful it may in in PvP where I may be assaulted by those with abilities that allow them to stun me while attempting to heal my allies since being interrupted may cost a life.

    To conclude this build with a little more cons, this build will make you susceptible to magic damage because Wisdom will be too low to help you resist offensive spells by a static 50%. You will have to rely more on Cure, Greater Heal, and your allies to protect you from anything that will focus on stunning, poisoning, and slowing you down.

    Lastly, for whichever stat you choose—Wisdom or Will, wear jewelry that will increase it beyond where you capped it.

    If you need help with taming, this taming guide at the very bottom of the webpage is what I used to GM my Animal Lore and Animal Taming.

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