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Hey guys, I have used /loyalty command in the chat window and nothing happens. How can I see how many loyalty points I have and how do I use them? Please advise?


  • Login to aria website and look at your profile, it'll show loyalty points half way down the screen in plain text.
  • Thank you Hikaru. Let me check it out. Hopefully there is an option to cash them too.
  • So far it's just hats that you can use loyalty points for (if I am not mistaken). Can anyone correct me on this one? And also where do you spend loyalty points?
  • I did find how many loyalty points I have on the website under my account. However I still can't seem to figure out how to spend the points.
  • With the patch today, we now have the Shop button (in a weird place, should have put it on the menu bar in the bottom right corner).

    I have 100 points. Not sure what everyone else has. Also have no idea how to earn more points. I feel like this should be developed a bit more before putting into the game. First they scared everyone into thinking it was a cash shop because there was little explanation. Now it's in the game, but I feel information on it is still lacking. I feel this should have stayed in development and polished a bit more before putting it into the game.
  • CenturionCenturion United Kingdom
    How do you get loyalty points?
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    They probably should have put this in the patch notes, but it's in this blog post...

    Players earn 100 loyalty points per week they login.

    Credit to xKamikaze for pointing me to that blog post.
  • CenturionCenturion United Kingdom
    Hmm i don't seem to be receiving any then. Stuck at 100.
  • Think all of us, except founders, have 100 points. It's just starting, so next week I assume we should have 200 loyalty points.
  • As a founder i have over 3k i think
  • CenturionCenturion United Kingdom
    But 2nd account has 0.

    Also I used refer a friend a few times with friends joining the game.
  • Ok, so with the patch I see the button up top by the mini map. Kind of odd spot, but it's there and you can see the details. They should either add it to the belt on bottom right or add it to the mini map. I think loyalty points only link to the primary character.
  • I have 5k points :)
  • Gonads and StrifeGonads and Strife United Kingdom
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    Anyone that came in at the crowdfunding/alpha pledge period should be sitting on upwards of 4/5k per account easily

    Doesn't seem like the refer a friend referral actually works properly though.. which is pretty awful considering your basically generating direct game sales with it.
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    I only have 3320, bu I don't login very often in official server.
  • My points were from participating in pre release events. I remember the one PvP event where I come
    In second place.
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