Bandage Hotkey stops working


I am having an issue with my bandage key. Sometimes it greys out and no longer works. It happens during gameplay - one minute it works ok, then goes grey and no longer works.

Type of Internet connection/speed
Home fibre broadband, approx. 100Mb/s

Computer Hardware/Operating System Specifications
I7 6th gen, 8GB RAM, GeForce GTX 970M, Windows 10

Date and Time the bug occurred
27/01/19 14:45 GMT and other times but can’t remember when

Frequency (Always Happens, Sometimes Happens, Happened Once/Could not reproduce)
Happened Sometimes, can’t reproduce. Fixes itself when I log out and back in again

NPC/Hostile/Item names involved
Bandages assigned to a Hotkey

What you were doing when the error occurred
Fighting monster, then trying to heal

What happened when you encountered the error
I got annoyed as I nearly died!

The Hotkey (in this case number 3) is greyed out and I can’t use a bandage. However I have lots of them in my backpack and I double-click on them and use it. I tried assigning it to another Hotkey but it just showed it as greyed out too.

What you expected to happen instead
Heal myself! Those Turkeys can do a lot of damage…

Steps to reproduce the error
Unable to reproduce. It has happened three times in the last 2 weeks. I have included a screenshot of the most recent one. It shows the Hotkey 3 greyed out but bandages in my backpack.


  • I have the same problem, after some time, the hotkey does not work anymore

    logout - login is currently helping
  • LinthuLinthu Colorado
    I have the same issue with lockpicks. I have to relog to get them to work.
  • swirfswirf Michigan , USA
    bandage bug fix:
    type /custom
    in the box type useresource Bandage
    note the capital B. click on an icon and hit update. drag that icon to your hot bar
  • Thank you Swirf for this fix !!!

    It does need immediate fixing though, devs shouldnt be sloppy with bugs like that and this one is around since i am playing. and i only just read about this fix.
  • This bug always hits me in combat. Surefire way to die.
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