Horrible lag that builds over time

Hi there,
i've recently started playing this game with a friend of mine, and we're thinking about bringing some friends with us since we're searching for a game to play as a group.
However, he encountered a problem which may be prevent us to keep playing the game or bring more people.
He has a desktop pc with those specs:
i7 4790
Geforce r9 380
8gb ram
A very fast, fiber connection to internet.
And he has no problem whatsoever in playing other recent games such as PUBG or similar.
However, when playing LoA, everything runs just fine for the first minutes. Then it starts becoming laggy/choppy and it increases over time, until it becomes simply unplayable.

I hope I'll receive tips or suggestion about how to fix it since if the things stays as they are, it will likely bring us to quit LoA very soon. Which would be unfortunate, since we're liking the game very much.
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