Stone Fireplace - how to make a Fire without using a Camping Fire

Hi all.

As a Stone Fireplace without a Fire is pretty sad and the Camping Fire looks stupid in the house as a solution:

We did use 2 Standing Lights ( did come out with new patch) and we did push them with the Decoration Tool into the Ground in the middle of the Stone Fireplace and also use 1 extra chopped Wood to hide them and make the Fire look bigger.

And Bingo: We got a nice warm home sweet home feeling



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    P.S: if you are wondering how you can manage to get into that relaxing sitting position on the pillow.

    It is sad that currently the pillow has a normal "sit on chair" animation attached to it.

    So you you need to place a camp fire you can make with kindle and if you wait you will sit down relaxed like this.
    Then destroy the camp fire and as long as you not move you will remain relaxed.

    So my recommendation for the Developers: Please exchange that sad "Sit in Chair" for the pillow with the
    much more nicer camp fire sitting animation.
    I am pretty sure most will but those pillows on ground.

    Thank you!

    Great Game so far.
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
  • That is fantastic! Very creative
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